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Here you'll find both links to the original Wulf tales in .html for free, and to my Smashwords page where you can actually show some Wulf love and pony up some cash so you can read about his adventures on your Kindle or Nook or whatever.

Heart of the Lion 
In his first adventure ever to see the light of day, Wulf finds himself the sole survivor of a disastrous military expedition and in the arms of the strapping amazon warrior Ushandra. Things get worse when he's changed into a lion-man and captured by a soul-sucking daemoness.

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Jungle Moons 
Still in the body of a lion-man, Wulf is forcibly recruited as pleasure slave to the insatiable Countess Xylara, and must help defend her against a murderous conspiracy by members of her own scheming family.
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The Red and the Green 
Escaping from the lustful clutches of the evil but oh-so-sexy dark elf Thae'lynn, Wulf finds love and loss with a beautiful elf druidess, and helps the immortal Silver Lady battle the invasion of the Elven Isles. And oh, yeah, along the way everyone has lots of sex.

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All Souls Night 
Fleeing from a jealous husband with a large pair of shears, Wulf finds himself in a tiny village under siege by the undead. Wulf and the beautiful sorceress Livia join forces to battle an evil vampire lord, then get naked together under a waterfall.

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Night in Vosgraad 
Wulf battles a case of impotence and a pair of shapeshifting assassins in the capital city of the White Empire. 

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The Demon Crown 
Wulf and Livia are recruited and seduced, only semi-willingly and not necessarily in that order, by the  demoness Narisha, who needs their help to retrieve a lost family heirloom. This was the first Wulf story I wrote, way back in the ancient days known today as the 1990s.

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Wulf's first novel-length adventure. With help from Livia the sorceress, Squitter the ratling, a ship full of pirates, the sexy cat-woman Li Shu and others Wulf takes on the renegade elf wizard known as the Stormking in a stunning, action-packed tale with sex, swordplay and sorcery to spare.
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Dark Vengeance 
The epic trilogy that caps (but doesn't end) the Wulf saga is available here in its entirety. You can buy the entire trilogy ebook at Smashwords by following the link above, or read it as html, one chapter at a time, by clicking the titles below.

Dark Vengeance I: Nemesis 
Wulf and his friends learn of a new plot by the evil Duchess Thae'lynn and Wulf dons an old disguise to infiltrate her ranks. 

Dark Vengeance I: Jungle Goddess 
Liva, Narisha, Daedora and the elf woman Maeth aid the Xeshites in their struggle, and give birth to a new and powerful goddess who can lead her people to freedom.  

Dark Vengeance I: Dragon's Eye 
Wulf joins Thae'lynn's army of conquest, makes some new friends and faces his own lusts and desires. Meanwhile the elven armies advance into Xesh and the war begins in earnest. 
Dark Vengeance II: Gates of Steel 
Trapped in a strange body and faced by challenges he never expected, Wulf struggles to keep control of his mind and soul in the heart of the enemy's realm. 

Dark Vengeance II: Mark of the Zombie 
Narisha and Livia seek out the tiger woman, Li-Shu and her band of corsairs to aid in the coming struggle as Li and the crew of the Conqueror face the undead deep in the swamps of Necrotia.

Dark Vengeance III: Armada 
Livia, Narisha and Li lead a mismatched and fractious alliance of races into Litharna to save the human kingdoms from destruction. 

Dark Vengeance III: Elven Twilight 
Reunited at last, Wulf, his lovers, friends and allies fight a final, desperate battle against Thae'lynn and her daemonic allies, while Livia undertakes a quest to reawaken the ancient elven guardians. In the titanic conclusion, heroes perish, lovers are parted and new truths are discovered. 

Wulf witnesses the dangers of dungeon exploration firsthand, encountering an ill-fated band of adventurers, including a snooty fighter, a pretentious dwarf, a really hot red-headed bard and an elven sorceress whose passions smolder just beneath the surface. And oh, yeah -- a sexy daemoness who means them no good. Have fun.

Silly title aside, this one returns to Wulf's adventures as a freebooter with Livia and Narisha, and their encounter with a lustful (naturally) wizard and his wereshark minions. And there's a new cast member too, whom you'd better like or she'll gut you with her punch dagger.

Coming Soon
We're not even close to finished, folks. There's at least one more volume of Wulf short stories to come, I'll add forums and maybe a picture gallery if interest warrants it, as well as anything else that my perverse mind can come up with. Stay tuned, brothers and sisters. The best is yet to come.
I'm a freelance by trade. From the two words "free," meaning unfettered and unencumbered, and "lance," meaning lancer, horseman, warrior, or soldier. In my case, I combine several talents -- I'm a fighter, but not a great one, a thief but not a highly skilled one, an assassin but not a subtle one, a horseman but not an outstanding one, and a wizard but not an accomplished one. While none of my skills is first-rate, I am second-rate at enough things that I can work a variety of assignments at an economical rate, with holiday discounts.  I go by a variety of names -- I'm not even sure which one I was born with. I prefer Wulf, because it conjures up an image of me as a grizzled, northern warrior standing at the prow of a longship, an axe in my hand and fire in my eyes.  It's a nice image. Too bad it's so far from the truth. 
 -- Wulf, The Demon Crown 

Welcome to the new Wulf Archives! It's been a very long journey since Wulf's first adventure was posted to the Internet, and I think we've all grown and changed a lot since then. The first Wulf story was posted to the then-small alt.sex.stories newsgroup using my crude shell account. Since then Wulf has been with me all the time, following me from isp to isp, and from archive to archive. At last, I'm happy to report that Wulf and his friends now have a permanent home, independent of the vagaries and weirdnesses of my own service providers. 

What are these Wulf stories, anyway?
Well, they're a series of erotic sword and sorcery tales featuring a dashing, somewhat self-deprecating rogue named Wulf and his various sexy friends. I've been writing them since the mid-90s (see below) and I'm still working on them (albeit at a slightly slower rate) today.

I hesitate to count the number of words I've written about Wulf, or the amount of mail that he has generated. Suffice to say, he's certainly become a true epic fantasy character, and even today he continues to struggle (albeit reluctantly) against the forces of evil, repression, sorcery and chaos. We have made many good friends through Wulf's good offices, and the experience in creating and chronicling his adventures has been one of the most rewarding I've ever had.

What will you find here? Well, you'll find the Wulf stories, all half-million or so words of them, in their html-ized, unexpurgated glory. You'll also find links to my Smashwords page, where you can show a little love by purchasing a copy or two for your mobile e-reading device, an item that we simply didn't have way back when I started writing the Wulf series.

You'll also find links to my blog and to other interesting places, where my more conventional works can be found. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this site, and please keep in mind that the contents herein are for mature readers only (which means you gotta be over 18 to read it). 

About Me and the Wulf Series
Here’s the part where the writer talks about how he lives in a charming Cape Cod cottage with his wife and their three cats. Well, I live in an Oregon ranch-style home that’s crammed with books, gaming material, miniatures, amplifiers and electric basses. I’m single and want to keep it that way, and am blessed with a remarkable adult daughter who is very likely to make major changes to world politics and science. I am the proud owner of one cat and have shared custody of a brilliant but slightly needy half-springer spaniel, half-blue heeler (what we call a “spring-heeler”) named Okami. I’ve been writing for the roleplaying industry for about a quarter century (yeah, I’m that old) and have been pumping out Internet erotica since about 1993. I also have a couple of “real” books that I scribbled out and am still trying to sell, but hope springs eternal, ya know? I’m a gamer (surprise), I play the electric bass (amateurishly but getting better all the time) and I’m a member of the all-geek rock band Megatherium (aka The John Smith Experience), possibly the only rock band that was actually formed as a result of its members actually playing “Rock Band 2.” 

I started writing the Wulf stories with The Demon Crown back in about 1992 or so, back when this whole "Internet" thing was first gaining popularity. One day, after riding my dinosaur home from work and cooking some mammoth meat over the open fire in my cave, I realized that the quality of fiction on-line -- even then -- was almost uniformly appalling, and the Usenet group alt.sex.stories was full of badly written rape fantasies and even less savory stuff that I found very distasteful. Mind you, I wasn't at all against writing porn (check out the stories on the nav bar to the right for confirmation of this), I was just against writing bad porn. A few people carried the torch for good erotic writing and it was with them in mind that I started writing the Wulf stories.

The Demon Crown was strongly influenced by both Bill Willingham's awesome adult fantasy comic series Ironwood, and by Stephen Brust's Vlad Taltos series (definitely NOT porn, by the way), and along the way I also borrowed from such diverse sources as the great Robert E. Howard, the master fantasist Fritz Leiber and the father of modern swords and sorcery, the inimitable Michael Moorcock. Games Workshop's Warhammer, the tropes of fantasy roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons and adult movies and books from every time and place also provided grist for my mill.

To my surprise, the stories proved popular, and for the next ten years or so I continued to write them, posting first to Usenet and then to my own various websites. I received email from around the world, from both men and women. People wrote fan fiction and created art portraying my characters. I made several friends, some of whom remain friends to this day. It was quite a phenomenon and I am still staggered by its extent. Couples told me of their enjoyment of the stories and how they had enhanced their sex lives. People told me that they loved the stories and the characters as well as the sex. And I was particularly gratified when female readers told me how much they enjoyed my work.

All good things come to an end, at least temporarily, and the travails of divorce, loss of job and pretty much losing everything took its toll. I finally had to take my website down in '07 or '08 after an overwhelming attack by spambots (and for the moment I don't think I have the bandwidth available to run any more forums or stuff of that nature). Now, however, I'm FINALLY getting things back on track, with Wulf available as e-books on Smashwords.com, and a new generation of readers who might like to know more about Wulf and his erotic adventures.

So with that little introduction out of the way, please feel free to browse, read and even actually buy electronic versions of Wulf's adventures, for your own use and enjoyment. I hope you like it, and feel free to sign my guest book, drop me a note (wulfarchives[at]gmail.com -- no, I'm not providing a direct link, lest those asshole spammers crucify me like they did at the last site) or pay a visit to my blog, where you can read my thoughts in a totally non-scary, non-scifi way. I do enjoy hearing from you, so don't hold back. It's good to be back, and I hope it's for good this time.

Regarding Content
Just to reiterate, in case you didn't get it the first time -- most of the stuff here is unabashedly pornographic, in the sense that it includes lots of explicit sex, described in detail. Personally I don't have any objection to explicit sex, and if given a choice between sex and violence, I will almost always pick sex. I'm one of those people wonders why movies that portray explicit, graphic, disturbing violence are rated "R" while the ones that have the temerity to show consenting adults making love have to deal with the dreaded "NC-17." But this is not the time or place for political diatribes (besides noting that the current crop of Republican leaders are... No, no.. never mind... Republicans buy porn too, so I'll be nice), so I'll drop that one right now.

Anyway, to repeat -- this is adult material. It's not safe for work, it's not for readers under 18, it's not for the easily-offended or the politically-sensitive (on the right or the left). So if any of that sounds like you, consider doing your reading elsewhere. If on the other hand, you're cool with it, and you're an adult -- welcome aboard, and enjoy yourself.

What's New?
I'm adding new content slowly but surely, and the latest addition is Wulf/Wolf, a story that I wrote a few years ago to tell the story of Wulf's earlier years. Check it out from the link to the right and let me know what you think!

6/24/12: More content for your perusal in the form of the last complete Wulf story that I wrote at the old website, Down in the Dungeon, a tale of secret passions, hidden treasure and underground treachery. It's another one of Wulf's early adventures, as told by the now older and wiser Wulf, who tells everyone who will listen that he used to be an adventurer until he took an arrow in the knee.

6/27/12: The first really new Wulf story in a very long time, The Wizard of Shark Island (yes, that's really the title) chronicles more of Wulf's adventures while he was off sailing the seas of adventure on board Skate. I actually like this one quite a bit. Let me know what you think.